Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dear you.

Seeing you again brought me back to the past at infinite speed, just at the sight of you. It never occur how time has really passed and the memory of you indeed is buried down in the corner of my heart, never been eliminated. However, seeing you again brought back everything to live and how saying goodbye becoming hard. Listening to how there is someone, created awkwardness which feelings is of no ways to differentiate at the spur moment when we touched the topic. Yet, blissfulness came out of the corner of your eyes, it delighted me and yes, that very moment made me realized it has really passed. Everything is a past tense. But you were the first and that will be how memorable you are to me :) In fact, having the chance to meet you and not only you, maybe with her in the future excites me. Excitement that came from heart to see someone who can finally understand you even without words streaming out of your lips. She just know it. You have found one and that really made me letting go completely with nothing to embrace but to let go. It was also my gratitude to have you bringing me out of the bad and planting in good expectations. Here I am today to wish you all the best in all you do and may God bless you all the way to the very end, regardless to where you are. For I know that you will make it to the very end. Love is no more the definition for us but we have something better than that: friendship. For the very last time, this song I dedicate to you, which used to be ours, if you ever still remember, haha :

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