Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dear you.

Seeing you again brought me back to the past at infinite speed, just at the sight of you. It never occur how time has really passed and the memory of you indeed is buried down in the corner of my heart, never been eliminated. However, seeing you again brought back everything to live and how saying goodbye becoming hard. Listening to how there is someone, created awkwardness which feelings is of no ways to differentiate at the spur moment when we touched the topic. Yet, blissfulness came out of the corner of your eyes, it delighted me and yes, that very moment made me realized it has really passed. Everything is a past tense. But you were the first and that will be how memorable you are to me :) In fact, having the chance to meet you and not only you, maybe with her in the future excites me. Excitement that came from heart to see someone who can finally understand you even without words streaming out of your lips. She just know it. You have found one and that really made me letting go completely with nothing to embrace but to let go. It was also my gratitude to have you bringing me out of the bad and planting in good expectations. Here I am today to wish you all the best in all you do and may God bless you all the way to the very end, regardless to where you are. For I know that you will make it to the very end. Love is no more the definition for us but we have something better than that: friendship. For the very last time, this song I dedicate to you, which used to be ours, if you ever still remember, haha :

Monday, November 8, 2010


Come promesso (as promised) in the previous sessions, beautiful meals will be shared during my previous visits to the welfare but to no avail with procrastination in the way. A long and hectic week has just begun with infinite working hours queuing up and hun's major on the way, the fun has officially ended.

Credit to one of my thoughtful client. Beautiful, internally and externally with the right texture despite of its sugary look.

I absolutely love this place. In behalf of all who joined.

Merry go round and when it comes to seen above. LOL! Such squisito meal that can be eaten in two ways: raw/boiled.
Mantis prawn. Such meal that injects deepest memory of the night with Steven having a hard time with it xD
In the eyes of the beholder I shall say. Not pretty but taste just beyond its look.

Crabi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favourite T.T So juicy that my mouth still salivate at this very moment.
Those were the night when Hun and I made the utmost righteous decision by joining the group for dinner. May Hun be blessed with rocketing endocrine in his nerve that he will bring me back there once more. *winks*

Then again, it was bliss to have gone back to where you call, Malacca, the historic town with its signature in town. Fell ill but it was worth the pain xD
The most prestigious aka original chicken rice. Make sure its the right one that you will be hitting at when you are at the end of the junction xD
Definitely worth the heat!
The reason that I am still surviving xD
Also the one that will ever drive me in and out of reality. Went twice and was never enough!
Capitol satay, Hun and I both fed our belly well with its juicy prawns and freshness of every bite of its seafood. Was worth the money, time, infinite queues etc. It was also the most beautiful evening, having to fly a kite which I never did in my life and first time experience was rich with him around :)
Wings in the air..

Sun: Goodnight world...
Frankly, this is my nobita who willingly to be coiled by the strings with poses. Good job, Hun.
Views from the eye of Malaysia. *Someone was shaking with the sight of the latitude* Heh...
Also upon my recovery from the feverish headache, Hun brought me for a laugh with Red and treat to: *the above*

My usual before the main course

The one I was dying to have a bite and Hun sacrificed by ordering that, yet it was worth it anyway.

Because I wanted this and that xD
Also, the carbonated for us both: my favourite, coke.

Satisfying outcome.. Oh well, was too busy to get a peep at Hun's xD  
Finale, final treat of the day to my addicted spot: The one cafe

An unfortunate for the empty stage. It was a blast when I was with:
These two marvels. 
Also most importantly:
His effort in driving all the way to the spot. Though it wasn't impossible but the visibility of the sincerity is shown.
Happy belated to Juan with the beautiful birthday "cake" of 20 inch that was self-requested. Lol.
How the lemon tea is taking me to addiction that I will need rehabilitation?
With no regrets, grilled chicken and mushroom topping. Ah, what a parasido!
As beautiful as its drinker xD
Dinner? Si Si, it is. Small but it was monstrous. Take the hell out of the beauty. Her gastro almost exploded ^^
Juan: Spicy mango soda
Jolyn: Spicy lychee soda xD

The days when technology is in existence and with fame. *cough*
Life was spent with satisfaction that spread across my face and hell I have to pay for it by facing the coming monstrous week of carico di lavoro (workload). God is always in love with me as much as I do. Amen~ Ti Amo... Last but not least, Buonanotte world and enjoy the summary of my entire fortnight.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Rilassarsi, it simply means relax in Italian. After the long weekdays at work and the fact that my working schedule will be as pack as solid on the second week of November, therefore, I have decided to find all my way out to blast my remaining weekends before the time arrive. Instead of going around the clubs and parties during the Halloween, the finale outcome was:

Oh yes, chilled out in the Hailam Kopitiam near Mun's house and watched them complaining on their assignments, profile etc, finally, came out with the idea of heading to Singapore. We then started browsing through the accommodations and places to visit. Was a blast though I couldnt join Woon and the rest in Sunway, yet God actually planned a route to vacation for me with wonderful people. Then from no where, Brendan was forced into joining the biggest loser indirectly by me and he started going on diet already today ( Go boy! you have my back! ) LOL! Also, after some arguments with mr. Cedric, we finally came with the idea of joining the group to somewhere I never thought I would have the chance to be at ( at least not at this moment) which again is:

Once a few years ago, I visited place like this when I was back in ipoh with my grandma and my memory was waver back then and today, I had a blast in here. This place is obviously the place for the homeless and here, I spent time with mainly the children or I would say those whom I almost ended up having the same destiny. Also, gratitude shot me and it was so real that serenity finally found its truest definition: Bliss. Hun and I decided to donate at goodwill to the welfare, it was worth the penny though it may only fit for the dairies. How surreal life can be at times when different creation of God undergo variations but with bless for these life was not wasted and treasured by all walks of life. Surprisingly, this place is crowded from time to time with His children who came to lend a helping hand.

Cecelia: bias as it may sound but she is the apple in my eye.

The crowd xD

Beautiful soul
These beauty is the creation of God whom are blessed with protection and love from their father to have Mr.Tan, the principal of the welfare to shower them with love and care. Minority of them are in company with unaffordable parents but their existance does not vanish but frequent visits does not make them feel parent-less. Somehow, something moved me when I saw an elder man carrying a sleeping child in his arms as he walked around the place, guided by the worker there and introducing him to everyone there, emotional struck me when deep down in me, I knew his presence there today: to give out the child.

After all these moving scenarios, every meal and every moments that I had today turned out to be appreaciation and how blissful life is with every blessing He gave to the all of us despite of the disasterous illness that our Mother nature is suffering from recently. Time is ticking by and more uploads on the sophisticated brunch and exotic dinner. Last but not least, a serene goodnight to all. Adios.
Mun's and my first picture together. FINALE!